Set up auto reply

In your Workspace account, click Home.

Click the email that you want to use.

Click the plus next to Show additional options.

Note: This may already be expanded, and it will say Hide additional options.

Select Enable auto reply, and then enter or select the following:

  • Reply frequency — Select Once per sender to send one auto reply to each sender, ignoring additional messages from them. Select Once per message to send auto replies to each message your account receives.

  • Reply from — Select to send messages from your own email address, or select Other, and then enter another email address.

  • Reply subject — To display the original subject from the message thread, select Auto-Reply [original subject]. To enter a custom subject, select Other, and then enter the subject.

  • Select a Start time and End time for the duration auto reply is enabled.

  • Message — Enter text for your auto reply.

Click Save